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Our Vision is simple! 'Providing safe nurturing childcare'


At Hornsby Central Pre School Kindergarten we believe what makes you different makes you special! Each child is one of one, none before and none to come! To embrace the uniqueness in each and every child, we believe it is our role as educators to give children a voice and provide them with the tools and early learning building blocks to succeed now and later in life.


We believe that by building genuine partnerships with parents and families and openly welcoming and accepting the diversity of our local community we have created a centre that supports belonging and connectedness. To maintain a sense of belonging we believe that relationships should be reciprocal, where we get to know children and families and they get to know us.


It is through our great love of Documenting children’s learning, documenting children’s friendships, and documenting children’s achievements that we give children a voice.  We are creative in our documentation and take readers on a journey.  Our documentation encourages us as educators to be reflective and thoughtful and to look deeper and explore new ideas.